I hold a masters degree in psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Modification & am a board certified behavioral health coach. I have worked with individuals in the public & private sector for over 20 years.

I am a certified Yoga Instructor RYT & sole proprietor of my own health and wellness business for the last 14 years built from the ground up. Inspiring and teaching others to live their best life is my goal.

I am also a professional writer and have spent the last 10 years writing articles about implementing research-based behavior strategies to positively enhance one’s life. I am available to provide writing services as needed.

I implement Cognitive Behavior Therapy theories, and teach behavioral techniques for emotional regulation to help eliminate self-destructive unconscious behavior patterns and replace them with positive life affirming behavior patterns to increase emotional and social intelligence.

What People Say

As a motivational mentor and yoga teacher, Sarah invites you to discover yourself. Her expertise in social and emotional intelligence allows for a positive and safe journey to improve yourself. She helped reveal my character strengths and find personal courage and grit to take on the life of retirement after decades of sacrificing myself for others.”

Christine Paula, Retired Non-profit Regional Executive Director

Through both her yoga classes & individualized coaching sessions, Sarah has cultivated within me the ability to overcome adversity & adjust to the many changes within my life. Her body centered & emotion focused approaches have provided me with indispensable guidance & have always allowed me to realize my current potential.”

Jocelyne Lindsey, MFT Trainee

I have known Sarah for 10+ years.  I had a corporate wellness based business and Sarah was one of my coaches, who always provided fresh and fun content for her sessions, keeping the participants interested and motivated.  I also had the distinct pleasure of being one of her yoga students, and rate her as one of the best for her creative sessions.  An ever creative, caring and compassionate presence, facilitating well-being retreats for a wide following of folks.
Sarah is one of the most dedicated, disciplined and conscientious people I have had the pleasure to work with and know.  I highly recommend Sarah in a supportive role assisting others in their well-being.”

Michele Armstrong, Corporate Executive
Real Estate Entrepreneur 

Let Me Inspire You to Live On Purpose.