The Tini Yogini at Your Service

I have a unique way of integrating psychology, poetry, music, mindfulness and yoga to reach a person’s body, mind and soul.

Pricing for each service varies, please contact me via email to discuss details of services.

Private Virtual/In Person Yoga Classes

I provide personal one on one instruction based in Hatha restorative style yoga taylored by the client. I use a combination of breath work (pranayama), yoga poses (asana), poetry, music and aromatherapy. I aim to reach each client through body, mind and soul.

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

I offer 45 minute sessions virtually or in person to help guide a person through life transitions such as divorce, retirement, loss of a loved one, empty nest, job changes, gender transitioning or pursuing education. Together the client and I will create a vision for the future and use multi-dimensional techniques (Smart goals, motivational interviewing, emotional regulations, CBT) to help the person reach their goal.

Workshops, Day Retreats and Group Yoga Classes

I am available to teach day retreats, workshop and yoga classes, both virtually or I can travel to your town for in person services. My expertise is in body awareness, psychology, motivation, yoga, meditation and behavior modification.

Freelance Writer and Ghost Writing

I offer freelance services for a variety of topics including health and wellness, yoga, parenting, behavior modification, organization skills, stress reduction, mindfulness and emotional regulation. I have published articles in Psychology Today, Livestrong, Gaia, Beacbody and many more sites. I have the ability to ghost write from most perspectives.

Let’s make something beautiful together.