Arguments for and Against Positive Psychology

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By Sarah Stevenson, MA- The Tini Yogini The term positive psychology was brought onto the therapeutic scene by Abraham Maslow in 1954 when he introduced his ideas around a self-actualized person through his theory of human motivation (Trivedi & Mehta, 2019). Maslow’s theory suggested that each person has a hierarchy of needs built in five… Continue reading Arguments for and Against Positive Psychology

Stages of Moral Development

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By Sarah Stevenson, The Tini Yogini Moral Development According to the American Psychological Association (APA, n.d.a), morality is “a system of beliefs or set of values relating to right conduct, against which behavior is judged to be acceptable or unacceptable.” Moral development begins in the mid to later part of a child’s maturity and includes… Continue reading Stages of Moral Development